Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract vs. CBD Hemp Isolate – Which is better?

CBD Hemp Extract vs. CBD Hemp Isolate

What is hemp extract?

First let’s determine what is meant by hemp extract and hemp isolate. Note in this article these terms will also represent CBD extract and CBD isolate.

In short, hemp extract is defined as standardized plant extracts derived from the Cannabis sativa L. This is highly enriched in CBD and hardly contains any psychoactive ingredients, or THC.

As you may know, cannabidiol or CBD, a major component of Cannabis, has been shown to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety drug, without exerting a psychoactive effect.

Moreover, hemp isolate is defined as purified product, as in purified CBD. It is made from hemp oil which has been refined down to 99% pure CBD. One would think this is the best thing, however we will see that research shows this may not be the case.

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Which is better? Extract or Isolate?

The Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem has published a clinical study stating in essence that “purified CBD gives a bell-shaped dose-response curve. Healing was only observed when CBD was given within a very limited dose range, whereas no beneficial effect was achieved at either lower or higher doses. “

In common language, this simply means that the benefits of hemp isolate is limited to a very specific dosage. It cannot be adjusted either up or down to still achieve the desired benefit. Giving more DOES NOT increase its effectiveness.

They went on to say, “We found that by using standardized plant extracts from the Cannabis clone 202 obtained from Tikun Olam, Israel, which is highly enriched in CBD and barely contains THC, a correlative anti-inflammatory and anti-pain dose-response could be achieved when applied either intraperitoneally or orally in an inflammatory mouse model.”

This simply means that they found that with hemp extract, the anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects corresponded to the dosage given, whether higher or lower.

Where can I get more info on the best CBD hemp extracts? How can I buy hemp oil?

We’ve researched and compared many brands and companies of CBD oils. While there are many reputable companies in this growing arena of medical cannabis extracts, we’ve narrowed it down to just a few of the top brands. Please click here to view our recommendations. There we have listed the best brands by use, including hemp oil for pain, hemp oil for anxiety and hemp oil for dogs. You will also find information on bulk hemp oil for purchase.

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