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Wondering what the best hemp extract (CBD oil) is on Amazon? Well you might be surprised, or maybe not, to find out that Amazon does NOT sell hemp extract that contains CBD (ie CBD oil) as they are not allowed to.

Amazon does carry hemp seed oils that do NOT contain CBD but are rather made for skin care or cooking.  So if are you looking for the best quality high concentration CBD oil look below…

Where To Buy Best Hemp Extract / CBD Oil:

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Why Didn’t We Know About Hemp Extract Sooner?

The legendary healing powers of this natural compound go back to 2700 BC, when the ancient Greeks used it to treat pain, anxiety, inflammation, insomnia, memory loss and a myriad of other health conditions.

In the 1850’s through the turn of the century, this same compound was used by doctors throughout the US and Europe as a trusted remedy for more than 100 separate diseases. What’s more, it’s safe. It’s shockingly effective and completely non-addictive.

So why did it take so long before anyone heard of it? To be fair, enlightened doctors wanted to clue you in about it for decades but the US government wouldn’t allow it.

That’s right! In 1937, this plant compound was caught up in legislation that made it illegal to grow, buy or use. Thanks to new laws, the gag order has been lifted. Now you can experience the kind of natural, effective, side-effect free pain relief you didn’t know existed.

Hemp Extract Benefits & You:

Hundreds of studies revel than hemp extract possesses almost unbelievable medical potential. More and more people are turning to it for natural relief from:

  • Knee pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Shoulder pain
  • Joint pain
  • Headaches
  • Backaches

Hemp extract (CBD oil) is such a remarkable pain-eraser that some doctors now consider it to be a “mild to moderately strong” analgesic and prescribe it to their patients as a natural option to conventional pain remedies and their myriad of side effects.

This incredible pain reliever is called Full Spectrum Hemp Extract or CBD oil. It is derived from the industrial hemp plant. Hemp extract is safe and well-tolerated by adults (ages 18+ please) and delivers significant medical benefits as well.

Even more important – Full Spectrum Hemp Extract does NOT contain psychoactive THC. So you get ALL the great benefits without the “high.”

And here’s even better news… Unlike typical pain-relieving nutrients that can take weeks before they “kick in”… hemp extract works within minutes. You can feel blessed relief from your aches and pains in as fast as 30 minutes – or sooner.

Why Was Hemp Extract Banned If It Doesn’t Make You High?

In August 1937, Congress passed The Marijuana Tax Act, which designated cannabis as a Schedule I Controlled Substance. This made it illegal to grow cannabis in the United States. Since hemp is part of the cannabis family, the law was applied to hemp farmers as well. So, hemp was never dangerous but part of a government “cover-up.”

Hemp has many, many uses. Paper, clothing and other products made out of hemp have been part of American history for over 200 years. Hemp seeds, oils and extracts are some of today’s healthiest foods and fastest growing health products.

However,  in the 1930’s hemp became a direct competitor to paper and petroleum. As a result, William Randolph Hearst, industrialist Lamont DuPont and US Secretary of Treasure Andrew Mellon were all financially motivated in getting hemp snuffed out of the American market. Why? Because it was a direct threat to their fortunes.

Hearst was a friend of DuPont who was working on patents for a new process that would make paper from wood. This was important to Hearst because he was the largest owner of forests at the time and paper is made from…wood.

Now along with Hearst, the DuPont family also had additional financial interests in synthetic fibers and petroleum…which directly competed against clothing made of hemp.

Since hemp and marijuana are related to the cannabis plant, it was easy to confuse the two. The Tax Act made the possession or transfer of hemp in the US illegal without a permit, yet permits were rarely granted.

Hemp grown in the US came to a standstill. This paved the way to prohibition of ALL varieties of cannabis. But today, this law is changing…

In February 2014, the President signed the 2014 Farm Bill which contained a special amendment to legalize the production of industrial hemp in the United States. However, state laws on CBD and hemp vary widely. Currently at best, the law is murky and open to interpretation.